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Tennis Racket Re-Stringing

It has been estimated that half of all racket players over 30 suffer from tennis elbow, so a careful decision as to which type and construction of string you want is always worth thinking about. Just because for example, Rafael Nadal uses RPM Blast doesn’t mean you have to use the same string. He is after all, a professional tennis player. Most of us are not.

Depending upon your locality we can sometimes offer a same day restringing service or you could even wait for your racket to be restrung, depending upon who we have available at the time to restring, but the norm is 24/ 48 hours.

We use our own brand of strings – QTS – and can accommodate for most, if not every players needs with regards to type of strings required from our new multifilament string through to our Octagonal 8 sided coated Co-Poly (Turbo Spin 8).

The Machine

Our stringing machines are electronic, fully computerised and self calibrating machines.
We string not only tennis rackets but Squash and Badminton rackets as well, so please call us for all your stringing requirements.

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Do I Need A Restring?

Have you ever thought to yourself – The string in my racket is not broken, I have had it for years, it seems fine to me…

Ask yourself – When was the last time you changed the strings in your racket? Have you noticed a loss in control, are you getting less power from your strokes? Or, are you risking injury with the wrong setup?

Most experts agree the string in a racquet should be changed on average after 50 hours of play as it losses it’s tension, feel and spring and you in turn will lose the benefit from the racket.

Most players choose a tennis racket with great care, but many don’t realize that the strings in it are just as, or if not, more important. After all the frame doesn’t come into contact with the ball (for most payers that is !!!) the strings make contact with the ball. It has been heard to be said that “Rackets are only string holders”. So take your time and make the right decision as to which type of string you want as it may have a more profound effect on your game than you may think.

So, now ask yourself – Do I need a Restring?

Every player should understand the basic trade-offs between power and control in relation to string tension. Any decent racket will have a recommended range of string tensions, for example a tennis racket may offer a range of between 51 to 61 pounds and squash 25 – 30 pounds, badminton a little lower still. When we talk about low or high tension, it makes sense to confine ourselves within this range, because at extremes below this range, some of the normal correlations break down.

Within the recommended tension range, lower tensions offer slightly more power and significantly less stress on the arm, and higher tensions offer significantly more control and slightly better spin.

Looser strings will hit the ball farther because the ball stays on the strings longer, and because on most swings the racket tilts upward and rises as it moves forward, a ball that stays on the strings longer leaves the racket on a higher trajectory. The tighter the strings the more control you will get but you will lose some feel, as the ball spends less time on the string bed.

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Stringing Locations


We provide a fast & efficient re-stringing service. Our stringing team (headed by our ATP Tour on-site stringer), can turn your racket round in next to no time and in many cases you can actually wait while it’s done!! Call us on +44 (0) 7850 870270 E-mail:-

Our stringing team (headed by our ATP Tour on-site stringer), can turn your racket round in next to no time and in many cases you can actually wait while it’s done!! Call us on +44 (0) 7850 870270


Address – 10 Fishpond way, Loughborough, Leicestershire. LE11 2SF


Our South of England re-stringing service Is handled by Kevin Baker, who is based at the Portsmouth Tennis Academy.

Call Kevin on :- + 44 (0) 2392 730082

E-mail : –

Address :- Portsmouth Tennis Academy, Burnaby Road, Porstmouth, PO1 2EL

Kevin offers the same high quality service. Kevin operates a Tecnifibre ERGO TOUCH stringing machine as used at Roland Garros. Please call him for all your restringing requirements.