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Restringing Services

We provide a fast & efficient re-stringing service. Our stringing team (headed by our ATP Tour on-site stringer), can turn your racket round in next to no time and in many cases you can actually wait while it’s done!!

“From the extensive colour range of string that “Quality Tennis Strings” offer, I  chose colours of string to blend in nicely with my racket graphics? A nice touch, which looked stunning in my frame.”

Jamie Baker Former Davis Cup & No.2 GB Tennis Player

“QTS have always done an amazing job – whether it’s providing quality strings for my racket, or restringing them quickly and efficiently.”

Tom Bell Loughborough Tennis Team

Latest News

Carbon Impregnated string

New for 2011/12 is our superb Carbon Impregnated string. We have manufactured the string in shaped profiles from Triangular, square and pentagonal. A quite outstanding technology with its Co-Polyester design it holds tension superbly is super strong has a amazing feel...

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Quality of Strings

String quality is something of great importance in todays game. Without the right tools for the job how do you expect to win or even enjoy your game. This is why we are in the business of strings. With over 20 years of experience in professional tennis it became...

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